Instagram is a very popular social media channel. It has about 600 million users, which puts it behind Facebook in terms of the potential audience, but it is also a very attractive and visual platform.

You can use Instagram instead of just posting beautiful photos. This is a great way to engage your Knowledge Commerce audience with images, hashtags, and captions.

Fabulous things can feel like a daunting task to post on Instagram, so we’ve worked hard for you. Here are 30 things to post on Instagram for better engagement, sharing, and exposure.

1. Behind-the-Scenes Shots

Whether you work from the comfort of your bed, surrounded by people, or have a place to work, show your audience a glimpse of your work behind the scenes. It is transparent and honest. Two features that define a consumer business.

If possible, make the picture as quick as possible. Don’t style your office so that it looks like a quote from a pot bar. Instead, show your workspace all its filth in glory.

You don’t have to share photos of your home or bedroom. Traders who want to protect their privacy can work from a local coffee shop or another public place. The goal is to give your followers a glimpse of what you are doing.

2. Because of You

What made you get out of bed in the morning? Why do you work so difficult that you sometimes fall sleeping at your table?

Your “why” is your reason. Post a picture on Instagram that suits your reason for sharing your knowledge, whether it’s your child, spouse, or life passion.

The idea of ​​a “why” comes from Simon Sinek, a leadership expert. He believes that when you make decisions on your own, you will be more successful in business as well as in your relationships. Also, you will attract people who share your values ​​and beliefs.

3. Your Short and Long-Term Goals

Many people use Instagram not only to announce their goals but also to track them. Whether you’re setting a goal for the day of the year, keep yourself accountable by posting your goal on Instagram.

Whether selling online services or expanding your brand users, goals keep us attracted to something. This may be another summary, although goals work best when measured and achievable. When you set your goal then you need to succeed in this goal. So, you can easily get Instagram followers Canada. It’s very helpful for you and your business/brand to promote on Instagram.

4. Your Morning Routine

What do you do when you wake in the morning? Have you weighed four cups of coffee? Do you take long walks to clear your head? Are you busy getting your kids to school?

Entrepreneurs have discovered that sharing personal stories and information can be just as effective as sharing business-related posts. When you look at your audience in your daily life, you realize that they are part of your inner circle.

5. Re-Posts (Responses) from Fans and Followers

Instead of re-posting what a fan or follower has shared, there is nothing “I appreciate you” on social media. You send the message that you are not related to your business at all – you want to see others succeed too.

Be sure to find your business name or branded hashtag on Instagram. If someone other uses it, give the post a significant boost. Not only will you earn the respect and admiration of your followers, but you will also spread the word about your brand. To promote your brand you can buy Instagram likes and followers through Smmservices.

6. Ask Your Followers to Share Their Thoughts

We all like to share our opinions. You can take advantage of this fact by asking your followers for them.

What about your services? What topics would they like to cover for you in future blog posts?

Make sure to use hashtags effectively and ask a simple question that doesn’t require much thought. You are looking for maximum engagement.

Additionally, invite your followers to loop their friends in the conversation. They can tag other people on Instagram to boost the signal to your post. You can also buy Instagram followers in Canada and likes to boost your post.

7. Highlight a Customer

People like to be praised and admired. Deliver that gift to one of your shoppers. Choose a name from the hat or go with someone who has spent significant time with your business or brand.

You may be approached by a client who has received a certificate or other award related to your industry and because of your online services and other digital products. You can also interview a user for your blog, then share the outtake on Instagram.

8. Provide a Tip or Trick

You don’t want to write an entire blog post as the title of an Instagram post. However, you can share a great tip or trick that you think can help your audience overcome a problem or achieve a goal.

Think of small hacks that have made your life easier. It has to do with your knowledge of commerce business in some way, but it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Include an image that best illustrates the point or trick. You do not need pro-photography skills. There is a lot of amateurish quality about them in the usually shared photos on Instagram.

9. Encourage Your Audience with a Quote

An inspiring quote can put your audience in a learning and growing mood. It could be a famous quote from a famous person or something you said that resonated with your followers.

Consider including your quote not only in your title but also in your photo. These kinds of Instagram posts usually get more shares because they are easier to spread to another audience.

10. Remind Your Audience About Your Blog

If you have a blog (and we suggest you start it), remind your viewers that it exists by sharing an Instagram post that mentions your latest article. You can add the words “link in the profile” so that your audience can check your profile to get the link.

Just make sure you update your profile link so that it goes to the main page of your blog or especially the latest post. That way, your followers don’t have to search for the post they want to read.

11. Talk About What You are Reading or Watching

Are you reading an interesting new book that will interest your audience? Share a picture of it and leave a brief overview as a title. To make sure, you can use hashtags like #nowreading to show your posts to booklovers.

The same goes for #nowwaching or #nowlisting. Share television shows, YouTube channels, music, and other arts that have inspired you recently. They can be related to your industry or niche or just provide entertainment or inspiration. When you get Instagram likes Canada on a post related to such content, these likes will make the post more attractive.

12. Mention Your Favorite Tools

Have you ever discovered a new tool to make your life easier or more manageable? Don’t keep it with you. Instead, post it on your Instagram followers so they can check it out too.

13. Spread the Word About Great Apps

Sometimes apps make massive promotional efforts to get off the ground. If you stumble upon something that meets a real need or helps improve performance, promote the signal through your Amazon profile.

Often, promoting other people’s digital products can lead to a party situation. This is not the only reason to help spread the word about another brand’s product, but it is an advantage that can help you grow your business. Also, you associate yourself with this brand.

14. Show What You Appreciate

Is there anyone in your industry who consistently provides amazing content, impresses other creators, or brings great things to the industry? Celebrate this person on Instagram. You will associate your brand with that person and maybe even at a later date.

15. Post Great Statistics

Statistics are shared on Instagram and elsewhere because they are usually shocking. You don’t want to publish boring or unsatisfactory statistics for this purpose – you want to share something that grabs the attention of your audience.

How much does your industry cost? How many people are involved in your hobby? You can use websites like Statista and Statistic Brain for prompt research. Can use Just type in a keyword or phrase related to your niche or industry to find relevant statistics. Then add the numbers you find in the compulsion image.

16. Change it with Timely Posts and Newsjacking

Newsjacking is when you steal a topic from the headlines and turn it around to be relevant to your industry. For example, if there is news about craft bloggers and you develop online courses that teach people how to teach crafts, you can join the story and add your spin.

Newsworthy and timely posts won’t last long as readers, but they’re great for fast-moving feeds like Instagram. Also, you can take advantage of the news story search. Be sure to use this tactic responsibly. For example, don’t report a tragedy to benefit your brand.

17. Add a Dose of Humor

If you are funny, use this standard to your advantage. Humor works well on Instagram, especially if it’s easily graphic. A funny photo or video can be shared by hundreds or even thousands of times.

Just remember that humor should always be appropriate. If your audience is primarily conservative women, for example, you don’t want to post colorful jokes about women’s rights. This will alienate your audience and will result in a negative brand.

18. Share Compulsive Statements

You don’t have to be an artisan to share statements. Take an interesting photo on the handkerchief, take a photo, and post it on Instagram. Handmade photos often have lots of shares and posts because others can connect with them.

19. Start a Co-Campaign

Struggling to find things to post on Instagram? Partner with someone else. Start a joint campaign with another knowledgeable commerce professional or an influencer whose work is related to your industry. You can gather your audience, which can lead to more exposure. When you start a campaign on Instagram you want to more audience part of this campaign. For this, buy instagram followers in Canada through Smmservices, it is very useful for your campaign.

20. Engage in Content Improvement

When you create a piece of content, don’t ignore to share it on Instagram. You desire it to get as much publicity as possible, and Instagram offers a new platform for possible audience members.

21. Don’t Forget to Advertise the Product

Your digital products can be invaluable to Instagram fodder. Use pictures associated with your Knowledge Commerce industry, then use the title on your Instagram post to feature one or two of the most important advantages that users can get from purchasing this product.

You don’t want to overwhelm your audience. Choose one product at a time and only one or two benefits. Dig deeper into the reasons why people buy this product and how it can affect their lives.

22. Show Your Products in Action

You can also showcase your product features in Instagram posts. For example, if you teach people to play the piano, one of your customers is playing a piece of video. If you teach spirituality, ask your audience to present images that have a spiritual meaning to them.

This is a great way to attract user-generated content. When people take the time to create a photo or video related to your brand, it means that they value your product especially. It sends a social signal to others, too, that you are the one who makes the product. To increase the presence of your product post you can buy Instagram likes Canada.

23. Talk About Upcoming Events

Are you attending a program soon? Have you just returned from an event? Post about it on Instagram! It’s easy to connect with your followers in the online world, but you also remind them that you are in real life.

Not only this, with the help of promotion programs you can get more exposure. People who are looking for this program on Instagram can discover your post and start following you because of your common interests. Also, event hosts or organizers are responsible for promoting the event. You can repost whatever you write, which brings even more exposure.

24. Share Great Videos

Remember that Instagram is not just for photos. Videos are often shared and viewed more often because they are more engaging.

Share videos or self-made videos from around the Internet. Don’t worry if you are embarrassed by the camera. You don’t have to appear in the video – a screencast or an audio clip can work well when you film beautiful scenes. On the other hand, you can also get Instagram likes and views on videos through Smmservices.

25. Host Competition and Giveaways

Competitors and donors work particularly well on Instagram. People like to win free stuff, and those who don’t win can buy your digital products by looking at how much buzz they’ve created.

The best thing about Knowledge Commerce is that you don’t have to worry about inventory. Free access to your online course does not cost you anything. Plus, you’ll be getting rid of clutter you don’t need to keep track of.

There are many possibilities, both gifts, and competitions, to promote user-generated content. Ask your followers to mention your brand or branded hashtag in the entry letters. You get more exposure as well as interest in your digital products.

26. Re-post From Your Employees

Reposting from your users’ accounts can be great, but don’t ignore your employees. They are part of your brand, so repost their Instagram posts to boost their signal and show that you are united in creativity and knowledge.

In addition to getting more attention on Instagram, you will also show your employees that you care about them. Having a solid team behind your brand means the difference between success and failure.

27. Share Whence People Can Connect with You Elsewhere

You may also use other social channels besides Instagram. You may also be on Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and WhatsApp. Tell your followers so they can connect with you on other platforms.

Don’t forget to mention your great sales pages, landing pages, and blogs. Do this on individual posts.

28. Share a Blast from the Past

You heard about Throwback Thursday (#tbt), right? This is a trend of hashtags on social media that encourage people to post old photos on Thursdays.

Consider being involved in your business in some way. For example, if you teach online music courses, you could post a picture of yourself at your first piano concert.

29. Make a Suggestion

When you can’t think of anything else to post on Instagram, suggest something to your audience. It could be a piece of software, a book that you think people will like, a great restaurant in your city, or something else.

30. Compete for Hashtags

Who doesn’t want to come up with new hashtags? Host a competition for the best-branded hashtag for your business. The winner receives a great prize, such as a free month of access to your membership site and others.

When you create a hashtag strategy, you must keep your business, brand in mind. On the other hand, your strategy will only succeed if people like your hashtag. No need to worry, you can now easily buy Instagram likes Canada via Smmservices. This will help a lot in promoting your brand.


Instagram is a remarkable tool for reaching out to your audience in creative, engaging ways. Mobile’s first platform is preferred by users who check their accounts on their phones and tablets, adding another dimension to the culture.

Knowledge commerce professionals can use Instagram to humanize their brands. It’s not just for e-commerce businesspeople and lifestyle influencers.

You merely have to be more discriminating with the help you do toward other people. Instead of sticking to traditional methods of imparting knowledge, find new ways to help people understand the concepts or skills you teach them.

Instagram can help.

From posting behind-the-scenes photos and videos to sharing animated GIFs and recommending other knowledgeable commerce professionals you trust, there are many ways for your brand to benefit from Instagram. ۔

To challenge yourself, consider dedicating a day to these different things for the next 30 days to post on Instagram, Instagram. When you start to make a strategy for Instagram and other social platforms you can get the opinion from our experts through Smmservices. It’s very helpful for you and your business/brand.

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