Instagram never stops to amaze its users. It brings new and exciting feature to stun the masses. We are going to explore Instagram highlights feature. People love to post Instagram stories every day, when they are at super market, movie theatre and even playing with friend. By doing this, they share with moments with their audience. Stories stays at your account for 24 hrs. and then vanished from your account, but now you can save your stories to Instagram cloud and access them later in form of highlights.

If you want to activate this superb feature, just go to settings and click save stories to archive option. Now all your stories will be saved in archive, where you can group them and name them according to your choice. Are you looking for tips to increase your clicks on stories highlight? Wear a smile on your face, we are going to explain in detail that how you can get more engagements on your Instagram profile in order to gain more popularity and fame:

Maintain Instagram Highlights Album to Get Discovered

First rule is to activate this astonishing feature to get conversions. Go to your story archive and group and similar stories and give them a name so visitors could find your conveniently. By maintaining your Albums (Instagram Highlights), you can make your profile more nice-looking. It is a human psyche that we find easy to access things exciting. This process will bring you more visitors to your profile and people will start following you and you will be new public figure with short passage of time. If you are looking for automated growth solution then SMMservices is one of best. Pro tip is that keep your albums categorized and simple to explore.

Instagram Highlights Custom Cover

We always choose most of the books by its cover because it speaks about inner content visually. So, it is important in this case too that make your highlights cover more striking and meaningful. You can create custom cover, just make it valuable and storytelling. Cover speaks, it tells others that what I carry inside me. By doing this little tweaks you can boost your visibility. People would love to find and follow you because Instagram users are in constant search of quality content. Always try to generate meaningful and smile-full stories and then make them good highlight so new users can see them and will be paid off for your hard work and dedication.

Generate Human Connection

It means attract others by a human face on your highlight’s album. As we are living in technological era but still people are fascinated with human faces. Put organic faces according to suitability in your albums and covers. Keep it simple, you will get spectacular outcome of this pro tip. Your followers will start loving you but If you have an insufficient of followers then first get instagram followers Canada to make a community of yours. Smiling face on Instagram always works. People love to follow, comment, like and share profile’s that contains original human faces. Try to include more faces to your profile and highlights and enjoy the ultimate engagement.

Colors in Your Highlights

Colors are like magic. They represent our feelings. You can also put some colors on your custom cover to get instant attention of IG users. Colors like Yellow and green are more attractive and peaceful in a way. It is great strategy to use your brand color in your highlights, it will make your prominent in the eyes of others. People will quickly recognize you, just play colors game with passion. Colors are a language of love and care.