As Instagram proved itself the market-leading social media platform, it keeps offering new and amazing features. There are around 500 million daily active users on Instagram and they spend approximately 53 minutes per day. We can have a glimpse of the potential and importance of Instagram by these metrics. Instagram has launched the “Guides” feature back in 2020. It provides users assembled information about any specific topic so a user can take benefit by using this data and content.

What Are Instagram Guides?

Instagram Guides is an incredible feature to consume and share valuable content. Firstly, Instagram offered this tool to some specific niches like health but now this is available for all. You can visit any influencer or celebrities’ profile and then click on the guides icon on the profile main page. You will find useful posts and content there on a specific topic. Are you looking for a Guide to increase your following or engagement? Then SMMservices is also a considerable solution to your growth challenges.

Creating an Instagram Guide?

It’s easy to create a new Instagram guide. Just click on the “+” button on your main profile page and then click on the last option “Guide”. Instagram will offer you three types of guides, Firs one is Places, the second one is products and the third one is posts.

You can choose a guide according to your need, if you are running a food channel then you can select the posts option and then create a guide consisting of a specific food recipe. But on the other hand, if you are a traveler Instagram, then choose the places option and suggest some places to visit in your city or town. Anyone can make guides on their profile to boost up engagement metrics and attract more visitors to its profile or opt to get real Instagram followers in Canada. It’s an amazing tool for brands, they can create value for their customer by creating useful and helpful content.

How to Finding Instagram Guides?

Finding IG guides is an interesting activity. Just open the profile of your favorite Influencer and see if they have created guides or not. If you find the “Guide” option there then click on it and devour the beneficial content. One more interesting thing that a Guide can be shared as the Instagram story in creator wants to. This tool has changed many businesses ‘ fate. A brand can launch an awareness campaign about a specific product or service and for sure, it will bring more sales and customers.

If you are planning to create a guide for your Instagram profile or page then don’t be late to enjoy the advantage. Conduct some research about your service that how other peoples are creating Guides and what aspects are important you can not ignore. Collect your most hot and favorite posts in one guide and your followers would love that and it will bring you more engagements. You have to keep your mind open for new growth opportunities. Always strive to impact more and more people’s lives. It is the best strategy to keep yourself in the game. The current age is very competitive, only quality and value can defeat the competitors. I hope this brief piece of writing will help you to put yourself on right track.