Instagram proved itself as an essential tool for online business activity. People love to interact with favorite brands and personalities on Instagram and it brings leads and sales too. This platform has 1.16 billion active monthly users. We can use this medium even as customer service support and it provided huge outcomes according to some international reports.

It is reported that 88% of customers cancel plans to buy a specific product or service when brand support doesn’t reply. So, we can see the importance of good and responsive customer service thoroughly. There is a huge number of clients and customer messages that go unanswered. Always try to make healthy and strong relationships with your customers, retaining a customer is the best approach rather than always hunting for new customers.

Instagram Business Profile

Are you trying to grow with a personal profile? You have to think about it because Instagram’s business profile brings you many ways to find ways to boost up your sales and leads. The first tip is that you should convert a public/personal profile to a business profile and if you don’t have followers on your profile then SMMservices is a life savior platform to get followers instantly. It will be easy for others to recognize you as a service or product provider. This mood also offers you the “Contact” button. You can mention there your email and phone number so your followers can contact you with ease and instantly.

Right Tool for Right Job

It’s a million-dollar tip, always opt for effective tools to get done a specific task or goal. If you using inconvenient tools then it will be hard to get beneficial results. There are many social media tools that you can adapt to meet your customer support requirements. Apps like Tailwind and Buffer are very good to handle this kind of job. It will provide you a center point to get all your comments and DM’s to answer and you can also schedule your IG posts for better engagements.

Connect Your Instagram DMs to Facebook

As you know, Instagram is owned by Facebook. Facebook is the giant in the social media industry and never stops to surprise its users worldwide. It is providing a facility to connect your Instagram DMs to Facebook. It means easy for you to handle a big chunk of messages and queries on one platform. It will improve your response metrics and your sales will get a striking boost. Play smartly in order to grow your online presence and connectivity towards your potential clients globally and get your followers up on Instagram Canada. You can connect your Facebook messenger with a third-party app like Freshdesk, where your professional team can take care of this job professionally.

Speak Your Customers Language

As social media is a kind of casual platform to communicate so you can talk to your customers in a light tone. You can send them a joke to make their day but be careful that your customer or client isn’t in a bad mood or situation. Share happy emojis with them after resolving or answering their query. Social media is such an amazing platform to do funds and business at the same time. In old times, we were using typically email system to answer our customer that was bit difficult. Most of the customers, don’t check their emails for several months but on the other hand, everyone is active on social media every day. So, it’s a good time for a small or large business to grow spontaneously.